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How to Pick the Right Frames for Your Face Shape

Learning your facial shape is an important step in picking the right frames for your face. While many people can already tell their facial shape, some may be unsure which shape their face actually is. Luckily, we have a precise method for measuring your facial shape so that you can find the most stylish glasses to compliment your look.

How to Measure your Face

1. Grab a measuring tape, and stand in front of a large mirror.

  • Make sure the measuring tape is flexible enough to make precise measurements.
  • Make sure that the room is well lit, as you'll want to be sure you can see the measurements in the mirror.

2. First read the four different measurements listed below, then take each measurement and write down the results.

  • Measure across the top of one cheek bone to the top of the other.
  • Measure the height of the middle of your forehead (between your brow line and hair line).
  • Measure from the base of one side of your jaw to the tip of your chin. Multiply this number by 2.
  • Measure your facial height by measuring from your chin to your hair line.

3. Once you have your measurements, look below to compare and find which facial shape you have.

  • Round Face = Facial width is similar to facial height. Forehead and jaw typically are slightly more narrow than the cheeks.
  • Oblong Face = Height of the face is greater than 1.5 x the width; while cheeks, forehead, and chin are relatively similar in width.
  • Oval Face = Facial height is close or slightly lower than 1.5 x the width. Forehead, cheeks, and chin measurement are similar.
  • Heart Face = Forehead is wider than cheek bones, and significantly wider than chin. Also known as Triangular Shaped Face.
  • Square Face = Height and width are nearly identical, with the jaw and forehead measurements close to cheek measurement.
  • Diamond Face = Cheek measurement is significantly wider than forehead and jaw measurement.

Which Frame Compliments My Facial Shape?

Once you know your face shape, picking out a frame is easy. As a general rule of thumb the best way to pick a frame that compliments your facial features is to find frames that offset your face's prominent features.

For example, if your face is especially wide, wearing frames that lack height such as rectangular frames will make your face seem taller in comparison to your glasses frame. Similarly, if you have a particularly angular face, wearing a softer pair of curved glasses may give your face a softer appearance.

For a more comprehensive overview, see the list below for what frames compliment each facial shape the best.

Oval Faces

Oval faces are balanced and therefore compatible with almost any frame style. Most people who shop for frames consider those with oval faces "lucky" since their only real limitation is personal preference. The only frames to avoid with an oval face are those that have very dramatic features, since they can throw off the oval face's naturally balanced proportions.

Round Faces

Round faces usually have softer angles, and as such, geometric and rectangular frames compliment round faces by adding definition while adding perceived length. Avoid wearing frames with curved or circular shapes if you have a round face.

Square Faces

Square faces usually have a strong jaw line and prominent angular features. Rounded and curved frames are best for those with square faces as the curves will help soften the angular or boxy features of a face. Avoid wearing frames that are too boxy or too tall.

Heart Shaped Faces

Most people consider heart shaped faces to be difficult to shop for since they're less common than other facial types. For heart shaped faces frames with low temples, wide bottoms, and narrow tops will balance out the naturally wide forehead. Avoid wearing glasses with narrow bottoms such as teardrop shapes or any glasses that bring attention towards the top of the frame.

Diamond Shaped Face

Diamond faces are generally thought to be almost as compatible with all glasses types as oval shapes are. While most frame styles work with diamond face shapes, wearing glasses with more curves may help since people with diamond faces frequently have highly angular features. Avoid wearing overly angular glasses or glasses that make the forehead and chin seem more narrow than the cheekbones.

Oblong Faces

The best frame styles for people with oblong face shapes are frames that are tall such as aviator or square style glasses as the height will balance out the face's length. Avoid wearing wide glasses with a lower overall height as they can make the face appear even longer than normal.